A story of courage and hope

We recently received this feedback from Dee S, a Kolorex customer in the USA and wanted to share her courageous story.


“April 2010 I was given antibiotics for an infection.  It altered my life and changed its course permanently.  My good flora was decimated and Candida Albicans and Aspergillus Nigus multiplied at an alarming rate.  Nine doctors couldn’t help me, 2 naturopaths did their best and failed.  My conditions too many to mention, but one that’s plagued me is fungus in my toenails.  My health went to the wall but my determination to recover did not.  After 6-1/2 years of trying every remedy I found, even fecal transplants and IV oxygen, I recently learned of Forest Herbs and their Candida Care (horopito leaf/polygodial).  I was impressed and wanted to try their Advanced Candida Care.  To put it mildly, I was utterly blown away.  Within days, yes days!, that greenish hue was lighter.  My poor toes have been diseased and distorted for too long, I’d love to have white tips on pretty nails again and I believe it’ll happen with the horopito leaf.  I am genuinely surprised at its killing power and when mixed with Anise seed (Psuedowintera Colorata), it goes through the roof.  I know in my heart I’ll get a complete healing with my Kolorex.  If you’re tormented with Candida, Kolorex is your answer, it’s been mine and I’m eternally grateful I found it…”

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