The Kolorex Team

Bringing together diverse skills to bring the benefits of New Zealand’s natural herbs to you .

Founder / Director – Peter Butler

Company founder, Peter Butler was growing subtropical fruit organically in Golden Bay New Zealand when the Kolorex story began.
Most of his property was covered in the dense and varied vegetation typical of rainforests.  And it intrigued Peter that none of the hundreds of different indigenous plants on the property were used in modern herbal medicines.
Being an historian, he began researching traditional Maori healers (tohunga) and tracking down the diaries and journals of early colonial ethnobotanists to investigate traditional European and Maori usage.
Forest Herbs commissioned its own research and now its horopito plants and Kolorex products help people around the world.

Research and Quality Control – Carol Hulse

Internal expertise – Carol Hulse
Carol Hulse oversees the scientifc and technical aspects of Forest Herbs Research. This includes manufacture, quality control, testing and export of Kolorex products. She has experience as both an analytical chemist and quality manager.

External expertise – Cawthron Institute
The expert team at Cawthron Institute, Nelson, test the antifungal efficacy against Candida albicans. Cawthron is New Zealand’s largest independent research institute. It provides high quality analytical services that underpin the integrity of New Zealand products for domestic and international consumption.

External expertise – Southern Cross Plant Science
Southern Cross Plant Science, at Southern Cross University in Australia, determines the polygodial concentration in Kolorex Horopito Oleoresin. This facility has leading expertise in phytochemistry and ethnopharmacology as well as state of the art scientific instrumention for chemical analysis.

General Manager – Terry Bone

Terry is responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day running of the business. This includes supporting our network of national and international distributors, new product development and identifying new business opportunities.