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Kolorex Blog Why Vaginal pH Balance Is Important

Your body deserves to thrive

Welcome to a world of natural health solutions

With Kolorex creams, washes and supplements, you can now care for your health – in a smarter way.
True choice. Complete control.
That’s what you deserve. That’s Kolorex.

Try a natural alternative

Frustrated with the lack of choices available to you – and nothing really working? It’s time to try Kolorex.

Own your health journey

With Kolorex, you can take complete control – and care for your wellbeing proactively.

Enjoy whole-body wellness

From soothing lip care to foot creams. Stay well and thrive head to toe with Kolorex.

Unlocking the power of botanicals

Kolorex products all contain the potent, indigenous New Zealand herb, Horopito.

Horopito has evolved under New Zealand’s rainforest canopy for more than 65 million years. Native to New Zealand, the plant was long prized by the country’s indigenous Māori people for its wellness properties.

More recently, research has shed new light onto the breadth of Horopito’s antifungal abilities. By combining traditional knowledge with conventional science, the plant is now a true game changer for whole-body wellness.

Learn more about our Horopito >

Explore our range

Help your microbiome stay balanced with our range of supplements.
Derma Care
Give some TLC to your lips, toes and feet with our topical products.
Vaginal Care
Keep the sensitive skin of your vulva looking and feeling healthy with our creams and washes.

Natural, research based solutions for life’s little irritations

At Kolorex we make natural health solutions.

It took 65 million years for Horopito to perfect its antifungal defenses
and 30 intensive years of research for Kolorex to bring you the benefits.

So how do Kolorex products work?
They focus on Candida – a naturally occurring fungus that when out of balance, can negatively impact your body.

Every step of production supports our mission to help you thrive,
from sustainable growing and harvesting,
to cultivating high potency Horopito.

Learn more about Candida >

A proud New Zealand company

New Zealand’s reputation is world renown for Rugby, Lord of the Rings and
arguably most famously, for our incredible natural beauty.

We’re also home to the indigenous plant,  Horopito.
Long prized by Māori for it’s traditional health benefits,  we think of this amazing anti-fungal fighter
as an eco-warrior.

As an innovative New Zealand business, we are continuing to develop our Horopito Kolorex range.
A pioneering spirit is in our nature.

Learn more about us >

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